All About Society, Religion, Spirituality and Sin

IDNSlot Depo Dana Religion is a system that regulates the belief system and worship of God as well as rules or regulations that have a relationship with the relationship between humans, humans and their Creator and humans and their environment. The word “religion” is a language that comes from Sanskrit which means “tradition”. While another word to express this concept is religion which comes from the Latin religio and is rooted in the verb religare which means “to tie back”. bind himself to God.

In general, religion is a human effort to know and worship God [who is believed to be able to provide safety and welfare of life and life to humans]. These efforts are carried out with various rites [individually and collectively] aimed at God.

The function of religion is the role of religion in dealing with problems that arise in society that cannot be solved empirically (based on experience and appreciation). Because there are limited capabilities and uncertainty. Therefore, religion is expected to carry out its functions so that people feel prosperous, safe, stable, and so on.

Inter-religious Tolerance

Maintaining a sense of tolerance between religious communities will make our lives more beautiful. Regardless of race, ethnicity and religion, we are obliged to help each other as social beings. Tolerance in religious matters is one of the many ways to live happily, because the love of many people will be a positive thing in our lives.

Derived from the Latin “tolerare”, tolerance means patience and restraint. Tolerance can also mean mutual respect and respect for differences with others by not discriminating against different groups, as long as the person does not violate the rules and norms. There are many kinds of tolerance, one of which is religious tolerance, which is divided into 3 types, namely negative tolerance, positive tolerance, and ecumenical tolerance. Slot Deposit Dana

There are many kinds of tolerance, one of which is religious tolerance, which is divided into 3 types, namely negative tolerance, positive tolerance, and ecumenical tolerance. An explanation of the types of religious tolerance we will give here:

  • Negative Tolerance

Negative tolerance is a form of individual or group tolerance for the beliefs of other individuals or groups who are different, by doing nothing even though they do not agree with the content or teachings of other groups. Come on, Squad. It’s easy to be tolerant. By doing nothing, you are already tolerant, you know. As long as what other groups do is still in accordance with prevailing social norms.

  • Positive Tolerance

Respecting adherents or adherents of other understandings even though they do not agree with the contents of their teachings is a form of positive tolerance, Squad. In this tolerance, each individual believes that the religion he adheres to is the most correct, but fellow religious people must still respect and respect other individuals.

  • Ecumenical Tolerance

This tolerance is tolerance that respects all forms of differences, both in the content of teachings and tolerance between adherents. In this tolerance, individuals believe that every religion and belief is of the same true value and has the same goal.

Religion is a sensitive subject to discuss. In this world there are many different religions with their respective beliefs. As religious people, we are required to maintain tolerance between religious communities.

By maintaining an attitude and not mentioning one’s religion, it can be called tolerance. Understanding the customs of other religions is also important in religious tolerance. Helping people in need regardless of their religion is important.

Modern Society Spirituality

Modern society consists of two words, namely society and modern. Society is a unit of association of human life (a collection of people who live together in a place with definite rules).

Modern society is a society that has followed the progress of the times that contradict each other. While the word modern means the latest, new, up-to-date. Thus, literally modern society means an association that lives together in a place with certain ties of current rules.

In social life, humans as social beings both need each other, they mingle in a community called society. The renewal then gave birth to actions that were used and recognized by the community in general as a very positive thing, this is what will later produce culture.

In subsequent developments, humans always interact with one another, recognizing changes in attitudes and behavior caused by interactions in social life and changes in themselves both externally, namely by changes in body and mind, namely changes in attitudes and behavior that are influenced by the culture in question.

The Seven Deadly Sins

A mortal sin corrupts the love in the hearts of men by a grievous transgression against God’s law. Without God’s love, there is no eternal salvation. Sins against life or against God that are committed with full awareness and self-will are included in this mortal sin. For example killing, adultery, insulting the name of God, etc. A mortal sin completely sever ties with God while venial sin only violates or injures him.

Which is included in the seven deadly sins is:

  • Vanity 
  • Greed
  • Envy
  • Lust
  • Wrath
  • Sloth
  • Gluttony

Humans are equipped with a strong heart and eternal faith, humans also have complete control over themselves. Not being able to control the will is the trigger for humans to sin. ######### The most merciful God will always forgive all human sins, but if it is repeated continuously it is the same as challenging God.

That’s a little explanation about religion to some sins that God hates. There is no religion that gives heretical teachings to its people. It is necessary to understand several important aspects.

Religion plays a very important role in life. In addition to guiding the right path, religion can also be a light on the way to a bright future. Although humans in this world have various religions, we should not indiscriminately do good to others. because religious tolerance is very important in social life.

Also note the seven deadly sins that we share. Don’t let you commit the sin consciously, because it can disturb your psyche and purity of your heart. Good luck and see you soon. IDNSlot Deposit Dana