Definition of Religion and Its Role in Society

Understanding Religion and Its Role in SocietyIDNSlot Depo Dana Religion is a system that regulates the belief system and worship of God as well as rules or regulations that have a relationship with the relationship between humans, humans and their Creator and humans and their environment. The word “religion” is a language that comes from Sanskrit which means “tradition”. While another word to express this concept is religion which comes from the Latin religio and is rooted in the verb religare which means “to tie back”. bind himself to God.

Religion is an organized rule consisting of beliefs, cultural systems, and worldviews that relate humans to the order/orders of life. Various religions have records, symbols, and holiness which are used to explain the meaning of life itself and explain the origin of life, humans in the past or the creation of the universe. According to some estimates, there are around 4,200 religions in the world or you could say with beliefs. But there are only 6 well-known religions, namely: Islam, Protestant Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

Origins of Religion

The formation of a religion (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) has the same history or origin, namely the origin of the Semitic Nation. “The Semites came from the Arabian Peninsula”. Arabic word that first appeared in the 9th century BC. The Arabs are not all made up of Muslims, but there are also Christians and Jews. Some of the evidence is the existence of the Nabataean civilization which was founded by the Christian Arabs.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have the same background, it can be proven from the existence of the Book of the Islamic Religion, the Book of the Christian Religion (Old Testament), written in the same family, namely from the Semitic language. One of the contents of the old testament is the word “God” which has the same meaning as the word “Allah” which is meant by Muslims (the word “Allah” means God).

In today’s city of Jerusalem is a city that is considered important for the three religions. this is also a proof that the three religions come from the same origin. In the city of Jerusalem there are various synagogues (Jewish), Greja (Christian), and also mosques (Islam) that are prominent or famous. Therefore, it is really unfortunate that the city of Jerusalem became a source of conflict where everyone killed each other and competed to fight over this historic city. Slot Deposit Dana

The Role of Religion in Society

Some things to know about the role of religion in people’s lives. Here’s a little information about the role of religion in people’s lives:

First, religion as a motivator (pusher) religion provides inner encouragement or motives, morals and human morals that underlie and underlie human ideals and actions in all aspects of life and life, including in business and development. Motivation encourages a person to be creative, to do good or to sacrifice. While ethical values ‚Äč‚Äčencourage someone to be honest, keep promises, keep the trust, and so on.

Second, religion as a creator (creator) and innovator (reformer), provides encouragement to work creatively (have the ability to create) and be productive (produce a lot) with full dedication (devotion) to build a better world life and a good afterlife. also. Therefore, besides working creatively, religion also encourages renewal and improvement.

Third, religion as an integrator, both individual and social, in the sense that religion integrates and harmonizes all human activities, both as individuals and members of society, namely integration and harmony as people who are devoted to God Almighty, as well as integration and harmony between humans as social beings in their relationship with others and their environment. In other words, integration and harmony between the pursuit of the good of the world and the hereafter. IDNSlot Deposit Dana