Modern Society Spirituality and Its Characteristics

IDNSlot Depo Dana Progress that has penetrated in various aspects of human life, whether social, economic, cultural and political, requires individuals to adapt to changes that occur quickly and surely. Whereas in reality not all individuals are able to do it so that what happens is society or humans who have many problems.

Talking about solutions, now there is a tendency for people to take part in spiritual activities

This condition did not always provide comfort, but instead gave birth to a century of anxiety. Advances in science and technology created by human creations that provide all the facilities of convenience, it also has the impact of various psychological problems for humans themselves. Modern society is now very deifying science and technology, while religious understanding based on revelation is often left behind and lives in a secular state.

For the community, this kind of life is very much felt in urban areas that compete with each other in all fields. So that these conditions force each individual to adapt quickly. Such a situation makes spirituality and morals have to play a more role in facing the challenges of modernity.


Modern society consists of two words, namely society and modern. Society is a unit of association of human life (a collection of people who live together in a place with definite rules).

Modern society is a society that has followed the progress of the times that contradict each other.

While the word modern means the latest, new, up-to-date. Thus, literally modern society means an association that lives together in a place with certain ties of current rules.

Modern society today grew out of the development of ancient Greek culture. Ancient Greek culture did have a rational and scientific basis of thought which was then processed and developed by Europeans to become sophisticated and gave birth to modern western culture. Modern society and culture that developed from western nations rely on the dominance of science and technology, both of which stem from scientific rational philosophy originating in ancient Greece.

In social life, humans as social beings both need each other, they mingle in a community called society. The renewal then gave birth to actions that were used and recognized by the community in general as a very positive thing, this is what will later produce culture.

In subsequent developments, humans always interact with one another, recognizing changes in attitudes and behavior caused by interactions in social life and changes in themselves both externally, namely by changes in body and mind, namely changes in attitudes and behavior that are influenced by the culture in question. Slot Deposit Dana


Modern society is characterized by five main characteristics, namely: first, the development of mass culture, due to the influence of the progress of mass media, so that culture (culture) is no longer local, but national or even global. Second, the growth of attitudes that recognize more freedom of action, humans are moving towards future changes. Third, the growing tendency to think rationally. Fourth, the growth of a materialistic attitude to life, all measured by material and economic values.

Modern humans ideally are humans who think logically and are able to use various technologies to improve the quality of human life. With intelligence and technological assistance, modern humans should be wiser and wiser, but in reality there are many humans whose human qualities are lower than the progress of thinking and technology achieved. As a result of this imbalance then lead to mental disorders. Unfortunately again, the use of modern means of transportation and communication causes humans to live in a global influence and is desired by currents. Global information, even though the mental readiness of humans individually and even ethnically is not the same. IDNSlot Deposit Dana