Seven Deadly Sins and How to Avoid Them

IDNSlot Depo Dana Sin is a word, deed, or wish that a person commits with his own conscience and will even though he knows it is contrary to the truth. Sin means self from God’s love because you love yourself too much and even want to be like God.

A mortal sin corrupts the love in the hearts of men by a grievous transgression against God’s law. Without God’s love, there is no eternal salvation. Sins against life or against God that are committed with full awareness and self-will are included in this mortal sin. For example killing, adultery, insulting the name of God, etc. A mortal sin completely sever ties with God while venial sin only violates or injures him.

The Seven Deadly Sins

  1. Vanity

Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins that God hates. One of these 7 great sins is the beginning of all human sins because it can arise naturally.

  1. Greed

Greed or greed is also a sin that is hated by God. As a result of greed, humans always feel less with what they have and are never grateful.

  1. Envy

Another deadly sin is envy ingrained in the mind. Humans with the nature of envy or jealousy, will probably commit other major sins to satisfy themselves.

  1. Anger/Wrath

Some people can’t control their angry emotions. This anger can lead to anger and a desire for revenge. If that happens, then another sin is born because of anger that cannot be contained.

  1. Lust

Lust is one of the major sins that often appear in the human soul. committing adultery is the result of unbroken lust. It is also one of the triggers to commit other sins as preferred.

  1. Gluttony

Gluttony is a sin that stems from the enjoyment of something in excess. In addition, enjoying luxurious food and eating before being hungry also triggers greed. So, avoid being greedy for others in need.

  1. Laziness/Sloth

One of the most common human traits is part of the seven great sins. Especially lazy in doing worship, makes God reluctant to give his blessings to the human being. Laziness can also trigger other sins. Slot Deposit Dana

Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins

Humans are equipped with a strong heart and eternal faith, humans also have complete control over themselves. Not being able to control the will is the trigger for humans to sin. The most merciful God will always forgive all human sins, but if it is repeated continuously it is the same as challenging God.

To escape from the nature of mortal sin is to strengthen our faith and have more control over all our wills. God is always with us in any situation. Repenting is also a step when we commit a sin.

The different nature and character of every human being is a variety in this world. In socializing and socializing, we must be able to take positive things and throw away negative things that come our way. In this way, we can avoid major sins.

No human is free from mistakes, because no human is perfect. If you can’t find good people in this world, then be one. Surely there will be other goodness in our life.

That’s a discussion about the Seven Deadly Sins that we can share. If there is something wrong in the explanation, we apologize profusely. Hopefully this article can be a guide for all of you. Thank you. IDNSlot Deposit Dana